“Youth, Science, Eurosceptics: Only with broad participation will the conference on the future of Europe become a success”, Gustav Spät (IEP, Germany)

Preparations for the Conference on the Future of Europe are ongoing. What are our expectations and wishes for it? Three new guest contributions have been published on the blog “The (European) Federalist”: Member of the Bundestag Axel Schäfer (SPD) calls for effective participation of the national parliaments. For our Senior Researcher Julian Plottka, a good preparation of the conference is more important than a quick start. Gustav Spät (#EngagEU) emphasizes that the conference should not only reach those who are already interested in politics and enthusiastic about Europe.

This is Gustav Spät’s contribution.

A two-year conference on the future of Europe. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says she wants people to be at the heart of all politics. She is right, if the promise is fulfilled. My great hope, as a convinced European, is that this will really happen. At the very least, there should be significant steps in this direction. The whole conference must be: From now on, Europe is first and foremost ahead of the nation states. The apparent shifts and uncertainties in the global balance of power towards China, legal certainty, common values and a common understanding of freedom, climate change and the coronavirus make the need for a strong, democratic and future-ready Europe even more evident than before.

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