Zuzana Fellegi has become the Coordinator of the Centre for Gender and Global Justice (IIR, Czech Republic)

Zuzana was one of the first Central European students who obtained a full scholarship to study international relations at Muhlenberg College in the USA after the Velvet Revolution. She later earned double post-graduate qualifications in human rights and European law at Humboldt University in Berlin and in European comparative politics at the Sciences-Po, Paris. She also attended a program specialized in human rights project management at the École Nationale d’Administration, ENA in Paris.

Through her studies and work in several European countries and the United States, Zuzana attained considerable cross-cultural experience and became fluent in seven languages. She acquired extensive experience in the international public sector while working for the European Commission on the agenda of the Czech accession to the European Union, and also while working for national governmental structures, where she coordinated the agenda of human rights and minorities and cooperated with numerous international organizations, including the UN, the OECD and the OSCE. She specializes in human rights, anti-discrimination issues, gender equality and the interplay between international and national politics and policies; and she conducts research and teaches university courses in these fields.

Zuzana’s current research interest lies at the intersection of law and comparative politics and she focuses on the influence of the UN and the EU on national gender standards and questions of compatibility of the principle of equality and positive measures. Geographically, her interests include primarily the European Union and cooperation of states in Central Europe.

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